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     From Mexico to Canada, from the deserts of Southern California to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, along twisty roads that follow the backbone of the mountains of California, Oregon, and Washington. For more than 2,500 miles the Pacific Crest Motorcycle Road travels some of the best riding roads in America
     Traveling through seven national parks and 18 national forests, the route takes you from a near sea level elevation (296') at the Columbia River,  through five life zones in it’s climb to it's highest point,  Sonora Pass (9,623') on California's highway 108,  just north of Yosemite National park.
     The Pacific Crest Motorcycle Road  takes you along some of the finest roads  you will ever ride, with spectacular scenery, warm inviting people and a look into small town America that you thought didn't exist anymore. It's both challenging and relaxing. It’s a journey you will not soon forget.