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Mexico To Big Bear Lake: Section 1 of the Pacific Crest Motorcycle Road

Mexico To Big Bear Lake

224 miles   5  hours and 21 minutes

In the San Felipe Valley just south of Warner springs

     The first section of the Pacific Crest Motorcycle Road is is a land of open skies, long vistas where one can see for miles on a clear day. The dry desert air can be pungent with the orders of desert plants and  even on this section, with 24 million people living  within a couple hours ride of the route.  you can have long stretches of road to yourself.
     We’re in a dry mediterranean climate here, and even when we're in the mountains, views from these forest are easy to come by, covered with well spaced pines and a dense growth of brush know as  chaparral.  Unlike the forest of the Pacific Northwest at the other end of our trip, these forest allow some room to breath.

Mexico to Big Bear

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