Section 4: Bass Lake to Walker

231 miles  5 hours

This section takes us into Yosemite, one of the nation’s best know and most popular national parks, and thus one of the most crowded. It then takes you over to the east side of the Sierras on High 108, one of the finest motorcycle roads in the state,  topping out at 9,623′ Sonora Pass. The day’s end finds us at the small, quaint town of Walker California.

Throughout most of the route, gas is easy to find and lodging and camping abound. While Yosemite Valley is the highlight of this day’s ride, the trip over Sonora Pass on high 108 is both stunningly beautiful and a thrill ride on the bike. It is what I have often refried to as a destination road, one that is so much fun to ride that it’s a destination in itself.