Motorcycle Road Ratings 

Motorcycle Road Ratings


Set on a 0 -5 Scale


0 Being the poorest of roads

5 Being the best


Each road is rated for the following criteria


Pavement Quality:

0. Very pot holed and almost unrideable because of it. Very dirty making the ride dangerous

1. The potholes have been patched but poorly, this road is rideable but its no fun. A Lot of dirt

2. Uneven surface and patched, some dirt. This road is only slightly fun.

3. Some patches and bumps, this roads becomes fun, but the surface gets your attention

4. Now the road surface is very good, very few patches, some tar snakes but nothing gets in the way of the ride.

5. Perfect road surface, very new pavement that is smooth with no patches and nothing gets in the way of the ride.


Road Quality: The quality of the ride, the twists and turns, are they fun.

0 -Stright freeway riding through boring country.

1.-Straight roads through fairly nice scenery

2-Straight roads through beautiful country, somewhat twisty roads. Two lanes or freeway can be into this category.

3-Now the roads are two lane and have some twists and turns but there are not any real skill to ride them.

4-Two lane twisty road that take some skill to ride fast and are fun to ride fast. This road would be a good road that you would not want to miss if you were in the area.

5. The best roads, the kind of road that you would travel a long way just to ride it. This road has all the qualities that make for a fun ride, pavement, twists and turns, the right banking of the curves and very little distractions and very little traffic.



0-High traffic all the time, making the “ride” impossible

1-High traffic at times of the year, making the ride no fun.

2-Traffic making the ride a nuance but not the ride is fun.

3- The traffic can be avoided by going at the correct time of the day.

4-Light traffic all the time.

5. Almost no traffic. Nothing to get in the way of the ride.



0-Scenery that is of no interest, or this can be a distraction on a good road run, so on a beautiful road where you want to go fast the scenery slows you down.