Ellensburg to Winthrop Washington

329 miles  6+ hours 

The Webmaster of PCMCR on Rainy Pass, High 20

We leave Ellensburg and travel north on Highway 97, heading west once again on high 2, passing through the tourist mecca of  Levenworth and soon cross over to the west side again at Stevens Pass before descending into the metropolitan area of Seattle. There are a few miles to travel on interstate 5 before turning east once again and heading over the cascade range along high 20.

This section had to be adjusted because of the massive mudslide that occurred near the town of Osoon March 22 of 2014 along high 530 where the PCMCR was routed. If you take a look at Google maps of High 530 you will note that several sections are missing because of this slide. 

 Once on high 20, The North Cross-State Highway, we pass through North Cascades National Park, the last one on our journey, then go over the Cascades at Rainy pass, in some spectacular mountain scenery that is a pleasant ending to our spectacular trip. We descend along high 20 to the town of Winthrop, a town that looks like it is out of the old west. The town fathers (what about the town mothers)  have apparently got together and decided that for the good of the town, and for the tourists, that a western theme would stop people who are traveling through.