Section 2: Big Bear Lake to Kernville

259 miles   6 hours 40 minutes

The Caliente-Bodfish road south of lake Isabella 

Our second segment of the Pacific Crest Motorcycle Road takes us through the mountains of southern California, along high 2, the famous Angeles Crest Highway. Weekends can find these roads especially crowded with both cagers and other bikes out for the weekend, so the best time to take this section is on a weekday. After passing close by the famous willow springs raceway going through the upper Mojave Desert, we go into the Sierras along a small, but the beautiful twisting back road called the Caliente-Bodfish Road.

Gas, food, and lodging, as well as camping, are never far away in this section, and if you need specialized equipment, you’ll find motorcycle dealerships are not far off the route, and the large mail-order dealer, Chaparral Motorsports is in San Bernardino. 

We do travel a couple of sections of freeways on this section but not for long and there not too crowded.