Section 5: Walker CA to Old Station CA

290 Miles:  6 Hours and 15 Minutes 

Section 5 Walker to Old Station PCMCR

The dramatic view southwest from the climb to Monitor Pass

Leaving Walker, the route climbs quickly along high 89 and we’re soon at the 8000 foot level at Monitor pass, then descending into one of the most crowded areas along the entire PCMCR, the Lake Tahoe basin. North of Tahoe the route follows the lovely high 89 as it meanders through forest and meadows till it reaches Lassen National park, a gem of a park that’s not too crowded and is worth some extra time. The section ends just north of the park at the small hamlet of Old Station. Camping and lodging are plentiful as is gas and food. This is one section of the trip where you don’t need to think too much about services.

Section 5 Walker to Old Station PCMCR

Mile 1069.6  The town of Walker. We start the 5th section of the PCMCR by leaving the quant town behind and heading north on highway 395. The Sierras to our left, lower now as we leave most of the High mountains behind. To the right, the West Walker river runs through a rich agricultural valley. It’s a pleasant ride that passes a campground-motel on our left and the little settlement of Coleville. Nothing much there now. In 9.5 miles we come to the junction with 

Mile 1079.1 Junction of highway 395 and 89. We turn left. [If you are into a little gambling you could ride a few miles north on 395, passing Topaz lake, and enter Nevada where you will find the Topaz Lodge, where you’ll find a few one-armed bandits and tables to try and wind a few bucks.]  Back on our route, highway 89 is another one of those fine mountain roads that are fun to ride, climbing to Monitor Pass, and along the way give us one of the most breathtaking views on the entire PCMCR. In just under 7 miles from our 395 junction, we find large dirt turn out on the right and it’s well worth a stop. 
     We continue climbing, topping out at 8,314 foot Monitor pass, and then begin a descent into the canyon of Silver Creek to reach. 

Mile 1097.3 Junction Highway 4 coming from Ebbits pass. We turn right.