I thought long and hard about how to organize this site. There are probably about as many ways to do it  as there are riders. In the end, I decided to do it the way it made sense to me. The idea for the road came from when I backpacked the Pacific Crest Trail back in the 1970s,  I did that from south to north, so it was natural for me to set the PCMCR up going from south to north.

I have split up the 2,550 mile trip into more manageable sections, eleven in all. I think this makes it a bit easer to take this long of a ride, and especially for people who are not doing the entire trip all at once. you can take the trip with these sections as a guide.

I have set the descriptions up as if they were one day rides. Beginning and ending at locations where there are campgrounds, motels and places to eat. It didn’t  make any sense to end a days ride at some road junction with no services, so the days mileage and time on the bike very.

I know that everyone is different, some of you like to take it slower then others, linger a bit more, take your time. Others, and I include myself in this later list, like to be on the bike most of the day, only stopping for a quick rest beside the road to take some photos and have a snack. If I’m riding alone I tend to pass up tourist spots,  If I am riding with my wife, we will stop more often to check things out. Things like that are best enjoyed with company.

So you may find my days ride way too long, or on the other hand, way too short, but so be it. The system I have set up allows for your own take make itenery.  Each of you will take the road a little differently, I don’t expect that you will take it just as I have organized it, following each day’s itinerary to the letter, it was just a good way to break the route up into manageable sections.